Welcome! I’m middlingpoet, and this is where I post poetry with a fantastic, Romantic, or speculative bent. You’ll see lots of posts from or about The Lord of the Rings here, but also poems from authors as diverse as Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickinson. Anyone who catches a glimpse of the blue flower through the lens of rhyme and meter also catches my eye.

This blog is a “middling yard” and I’m a “middling poet” for three reasons:

1. The world is a “middling yard” (a middangeard).

2. I aim for a middling style. I’m not a fan of the doggerel that gets circulated in fantasy contexts these days. But I’m also not a fan of the hiccuping that masquerades as poetry in university periodicals. I want to sound like a variety of my favorite poets: Dryden, Milton, the 17th-century metaphysicals, Tennyson, Yeats, Rilke, T. S. Eliot.

3. I’m a “middle man” (actually, a woman) mediating between various languages. I’ll be posting many translations of my favorite German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke. I view Rilke as the ultimate challenge.

Please enjoy browsing through the motley posts on this blog. If you’re interested in poetry from the Christian tradition, I run a parallel blog over at The Middle Room. As always, comments and poetic criticism are especially welcome.

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