The Life of Beasts

The Academy of Inventive Literature has put out their first journal issue! It clocks in at 59 pages, with poems that actually sound good and a little prose fiction to boot.

Subscribe here, or read a free essay (“The Beastly Life and the Life of Art”) to get your imaginative juices going.


80 Years

It’s 80 years sinceĀ The Hobbit was first published!

The Oxonmoot is celebrating . . . and I think I might try to replicate a few of their Hobbitish desserts.

Inventive Literature

A new literary community is on the web! The Academy of Inventive Literature is taking shape over here. Their first journal issue takes off in late September. They’re looking for “musicality,” “pattern,” and “poetic diction” (as stated on an interesting discussion of formal poetry here).

Submission info is here. Their judging criteria are worth a read as well.

A Blessing on the Poets

Annie Finch is one of the few poets nowadays who writes in rhyme and meter. The little tidbit below says it all, doesn’t it?

A Blessing on the Poets
Patient earth-digger, impatient fire-maker,
Hungry word-taker and roving sound-lover,
Sharer and saver, muser and acher,
You who are open to hide or uncover,
Time-keeper and hater, wake-sleeper, sleep-waker;
May language’s language, the silence that lies
Under each word, move you over and over,
Turning you, wondering, back to surprise.

~ Annie Finch, 1956-